Many services, a single interlocutor

Our experience in the field of renovation allows us to offer a range of important services. For every project which is commissioned, Biltech Interiors accompanies the client from the first, with the support of a team of experts in the design phase, then helping in the choice of materials to be used, right up to the conclusion and the definition of those details which will make the difference. Many highly qualified services, with the convenience of being able to interact with a single interlocutor for the different elements, thereby avoiding waste and forming a long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust.

Professional contracts

To those who run a commercial business, Biltech Interiors offers infinite ways to renovate a space in a functional but elegant way – high-profile vertical and horizontal surfaces, high-performance solutions, redesign of the work spaces. Original solutions which are able to instil comfort and personality in offices, cafes and restaurants, reception areas, public service offices and any other non-residential building.


The domestic space is where the personality of the person who lives there is most reflected. That is why it is important that the layout and geometry are perfect. Biltech Interiors offers innovative and advanced production in the context of residential renovation: laying floors, installing cladding, walls, fireplaces, ventilated facades and much more. Personalised design solutions to make every home unique and special.


The world of internal decoration is one which presents very interesting opportunities in terms of cladding. Large tiles in particular are indispensable in this context as they can satisfy practical needs as well as the desire for a refined aesthetic. The applications are potentially infinite: kitchen countertops, backsplash, kitchen islands, bathroom countertops and furniture, tables and consoles, and many other furnishing combinations. These can modify your internal spaces to your taste while keeping up with the latest trends and technology.


Technology, aesthetics and precision combine in a single material which becomes a fundamental part of both indoor and outdoor furnishings and produces horizontal, vertical, curved, and backlit surfaces which are unique. Our staff are highly specialised in the installation of all kinds of surfaces, working with different spaces and needs. For example, if you need to clad your fireplace and lay the floor, Biltech Interiors can work on both elements, giving you the possibility of resolving two problems while interacting with a single interlocutor.

Biltech Interiors is able to transform any type of internal space in an original, modern way using large-format tiles in a pre-furnished context. For example, your furniture can be personalised by using a type of tile which gives continuity to all the surfaces in the house, integrating it effectively into the environment but with a touch of refined elegance.


A huge variety

Every finish is based on the client’s needs: their aesthetic preferences or the tactile sensations they desire. For example, it is possible to produce a finish which, using a mirrored tile, includes an “open spot”. Or a “continuous vein” which is capable of creating the effect of veining across the chosen surface.