Ceramic which changes your spaces with great style.

Biltech Interiors’ large ceramic tiles produce a real revolution in the domestic arena by offering elegant, innovative solutions which are at the technological cutting edge in terms of living the surfaces. Living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens: any space can present new compositional opportunities to produce visual continuity on floors and cladding, horizontal and vertical surfaces, indoor and outdoor decoration. It means a modern aesthetic impact, which allows you to live in style.

Laying and transformation of stone and Grès stoneware

Contract renovation

Visual continuity of the surfaces and
coffee table

Visual continuity of the surfaces and
fireplace detail

Visual continuity of the surfaces and
dining table

Bathroom cladding in Grès porcelain stoneware

Continuous surfaces and minimal gaps

In the renovation of a bathroom, the same Grès porcelain stoneware tile can be used on the floor and the walls: to create a large shelf; to clad an entire piece of bathroom furniture which has doors or baskets in the way you prefer; to clad the bath or create a shower without a base.

Steel or Grès porcelain stoneware sinks with rims above, flush with, or under the countertop

CNC-machine-cut hole in natural stone and Grès porcelain stoneware

We propose various solutions for kitchen sinks, each with a unique mix of functionality and aesthetic taste. It is possible to integrate a Grès porcelain stoneware sink with a countertop in the same material, cut with CNC technology, to produce a striking visual impact. There is the possibility to mount an Inox steel sink under the countertop and thereby combine practicality and elegance. An alternative would be the more traditional sink which rests on or flush with the countertop.

Some figures from our annual output

Our installation teams are constantly touring worksites to install flooring and cladding from our artisanal production, producing unique projects which all satisfy specific practical and aesthetic needs. Over the years, Biltech’s qualified professionals have reached significant milestones, some of which can be summarised in the following figures.







Large areas

Sliding doors and walls

Ventilated facades

Stairs and steps

Bathroom countertops


Kitchen countertops



A huge variety

For our finishes, we use both natural materials like terracotta (cast and heat pressed) and manufactured materials created by combining different chemicals. They produce surfaces which, compared to traditional ones, allow an excellent aesthetic result combined with a greater resistance to impacts, stains, and scratches.


Your taste is always individual but there is some technical guidance which should be considered when you choose a surface. For example, even if you love matte surfaces, it would be best to avoid them on walls which could be splashed as they are difficult to clean. In the same way, though you are dreaming of a gloss surface for your kitchen countertop, you should consider first that it is not ideal as it is too delicate – a greater thickness is necessary in order to clad furniture.