Cookie Policy

In order to make the experience of browsing our website satisfactory and respecting the provisions of current legislation, below, we detail our Cookies Policy.

1. Introduction

This website (hereinafter, the Site) as many others, uses cookies and is operated by BILTECHINTERIORS. In this Cookie Policy (hereinafter, the Policy) we will point out how cookies from our Site are used on users’ (hereinafter, the User) computers.

2. Cookies

Cookies are text files or storage devices that the browser installs on the User’s computer when visiting our Site. They allow us to store and retrieve information related to a User’s browsing habits and equipment.

Installing these files on your computer may involve the processing of personal data. If you authorize this installation, you consent to the processing of your personal data. In that sense, the User’s consent will be necessary for the use of the same. For more information regarding the treatment of your personal data, you can consult our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

3. Cookies used

The types of cookies we use are technically necessary and technically not necessary. Within which there are the following:

a. Own Cookies: These are cookies sent to the User’s computer and managed exclusively by BILTECHINTERIORS for the better functioning of the Site.

b. Third-party cookies: These are cookies sent to the User’s computer that are not managed by the Site editor, but are managed by another entity that processes the data obtained.

c. Technical and preference cookies: They are those that allow the User to navigate and use the various options or services found on the Site, which includes the management and operation of the Site by enabling functions and services. Some of these cookies make it possible to identify the User’s session, control traffic and data communication, remember elements of a request for information or contact, use of security elements while the User navigates or share content through social networks.

4. Consent

BILTECHINTERIORS may install technically necessary cookies that do not require your consent for their installation because they are extremely necessary for the proper functioning of the Site or to meet your requests for preference management of the User interface. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BILTECHINTERIORS and/or certain third parties may install cookies that do require your consent for installation.

5. Cookie Management

It is also important to note that the User may disable, reject and delete cookies either totally or partially from their equipment by configuring their browser settings.

In the event that the User rejects the use of cookies either in whole or in part, he/she may continue to use the Site, but may have certain limitations in the use of some features of the Site.

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Last update: August 2021